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Title:Reprisal ()
Release: 2018-08-31
Rating: 5/10
Country: United States of America, United Kingdom
Language: English
Runtime: 89 min.
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
Stars: Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, Johnathon Schaech, Olivia Culpo, Natali Yura, Tyler Jon Olson
Plot Summary
Jacob, a bank manager haunted by a violent heist that took the life of a coworker, teams up with his ex-cop neighbor, James, to bring down the assailant. While the two men work together to figure out the thief’s next move, Gabriel, the highly-trained criminal, is one step ahead. When Gabriel kidnaps Jacob’s wife and daughter, Jacob barrels down a path of bloodshed that initiates an explosive counterattack and brings all three men to the breaking point.
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